Monday, December 24, 2012

What spoiled my Christmas Eve in Saudi Arabia?

The caroling of children on the streets, the noise of cars rushing on their way home, the lights of Christmas decors everywhere, the midnight mass, the food, gathering with families and friends and shopping madness are only few of the many wonderful things I miss so much this holiday and I'm sure a lot of my fellow Filipinos in the kingdom and other expatriates feel the same way.

I still haven't gotten used to this and this time of the year still bring tears to my eyes if I look back to the memories I have with family and friends in the Philippines during this day ( sorry guys, I'm being dramatic. Please bear with me). Yes, we still do celebrate it here with colleagues at work and friends but at the convenience of our accommodation but of course there's no better way to celebrate it than to be home with the people we love. 

This year, I had a simple celebration of the Christmas Eve with a dinner by the Sea at The Murjan Island in Dammam with a good friend. 

My Noche Buena (poor me, hehe!)

 View from top of the Tower.

This sweet smile of mine vanished as soon as I reached the peek of the tower with the stinky smell of urine. This is exactly the same smell that lingers inside the Judas Cave and it is a dismay. I just hope that these tourist attractions would be taken care of really well.

With a view as breathtaking as these, it was still a night worth spending and celebrating my Christmas eve in Saudi Arabia in a simple way.

Until next time guys! Beso!



  1. Lovely photos! Nice view you have there! Hope you still make the most of it! Happy Holidays!

    Hope you can visit mine too.


  2. awww I love this!place.


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